The Reo Project is of regional scale, covering 1,002 square KM at the confluence of the prolific Houndé and Boromo greenstone belts which are hosts to several substantial gold deposits of including: Karma 3.8Moz, Bissa 6.6Moz, Hounde 4.9Moz and Mana 8.6 Moz (reported inclusive of all P&P reserves and all M,I&I Resources). Two advanced stage prospects exist within the tenement package and the project as a whole has been subject to:

  • 70,000m Geochem Auger drilling.
  • Complete project coverage by a 100m line spaced airborne magnetic and radiometric survey.
  • 67,148m of RAB Drilling  (1,918 holes) 22,150m of Aircore Drilling (439 holes)  12,791m  RC Drilling (146 holes) and 1,649m  diamond core drilling (11 holes).
  • 8km2 IP/Resistivity surveys.


Approximately USD$8 million spent on exploration since the mid-2000s by both Newmont Ventures, Newmont’s Exploration Subsidiary and Middle Island Resources, contains two advanced prospects:

The Morley Prospect – Near-surface Reverse Circulation (RC) and Aircore drill intercepts include: KRAC011-aircore: 34m@16.48g/t​, KRAC128-aircore: 39m@2.62g/t, KR020-RC: 38m@2.33g/t, ​KRC022-RC: 10m@7.55g/t, ​MRRC0005-RC: 10m@9.63g/t.

The K4-K5 Prospect – The focus of a majority of the previous work on the project was discovered as a result of large regional geochemical sampling over areas of extensive artisinal mine workings.  Rotary Air Blast (RAB), Aircore, RC and diamond drill intercepts include: MRRB0076-RAB: 44m@1.48g/t, including 12m@ 4.11g/t, ​MRRB009-RAB: 8m @ 8.20g/t, ​MRRB1611-RAB: 8m @ 4.68g/t, ​MRRB0062- RAB: 12m@4.99g/t, ​NAC037-aircore:- 18m@2.5g/t, ​NAC027-aircore: 18m @ 2.51g/t, ​MRRC0081-RC: 16m @ 1.95g/t, and 13m @ 2.19g/t, MRRC0091-RC: 10m @ 3.47g/t, ​MRRC0047-RC: 13m@2.33g/t, MRDD001-diamond: 3m @ 11.5g/t including 1m @ 23.2g/t ​and MRDD003-diamond: 2m @ 16.8g/t including 1m @ 31.9g/t. ​

Burkina Faso has rapidly become the third largest Gold producing nation in Africa having had more than 12 major gold mining projects come into production over the past 10 years, underlain by two of West Africa’s premier greenstone terrains it provides ideal conditions for gold exploration and development with a high probability of success. A mining friendly government regime, highly capable and well educated local workforce all provide for one of the worlds premier exploration and mining jurisdiction.