Strategically, the Company has two primary operational jurisdictions, namely: Guyana, South America; and Burkina Faso, West Africa. Similarities between the geological deposition of gold within the greenstone belts of West Africa and those of the Guiana Shield are well documented, and given the Company’s expansive technical expertise exploring within these environments, the focus has been to continue to evaluate, acquire and expand on holdings in these regions.

GUYANA Projects

The Guiana Shield remains one of the most prospective locations globally for the discovery of world class orogenic gold deposits. The countries of Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana all contain large greenstone belts, from which we expect many more significant gold discoveries to emerge in the coming years.  The Guiana Shield is already well-endowed with substantial gold deposits. So far, at least 15 gold mines and deposits hosting an estimated 110 million ounces of gold have been recognized in the Guiana Shield. Despite the geological prospectivity of this region, significant gold discoveries remain limited due to a lack of exploration.


The Reo Project is of regional scale, covering 1,002 square KM at the confluence of the prolific Houndé and Boromo greenstone belts which are hosts to several substantial gold deposits of including: Karma 3.8Moz, Bissa 6.6Moz, Hounde 4.9Moz and Mana 8.6 Moz (reported inclusive of all P&P reserves and all M&I Resources). The Morley Prospect and the K4/K5 Prospects represent advanced stage exploration opportunities having had a total of USD$8 million spent on them to date.