Gargantuan Gold Project, Guyana

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The Gargantuan Project covers a 4 to 6.5 kilometres strike of the source area (“the Gargantuan Source”) that has given rise to the largest coherent concentration of artisanal gold workings in the Guiana Shield.

The Gargantuan Source has a total interpreted strike of 9-12km, and the Project area of 2,390 hectares, encompasses 40-50% of this interpreted strike length. 

Within the Guiana Shield, the artisanal workings associated with the Gargantuan Project are an order of magnitude larger than workings related to most other known > 1 Moz gold deposits and are only equalled in area by those of the Giant[1] ~45 Moz [2]  Las Cristinas+Brisas gold deposit (Figure 2 & 3). 

The Gargantuan Source is well defined by the upstream/uphill limits of alluvial, colluvial and lateritic gold workings and appears contiguous over 9 kilometres strike with every creek flowing from it or over it and almost every slope downhill from it having been worked at some point since the 1880s (Figure 4). 

Along strike from the Project’s boundaries, recent work by Goldsource Mines Inc. (TSXV: GSX) has identified a north-south striking chargeability and resistivity anomaly co-incident with the Gargantuan Source.  

Furthermore, early stage diamond drilling of the Gargantuan Source, by Goldsource has returned numerous, mostly shallow, high tenor gold intersections over a strike length of approximately 2 kilometres with results including 69m @ 6.5g/t from surface, 80m @ 2.0g/t from surface,  57m @ 2.6g/t from surface, 50m @ 2.9g/t from surface, 10.5m @ 9.9g/t from 81m, 4m @ 25.2g/t from 258m (Figure 4).

The Gargantuan Source hosts several artisanal workings that have exploited weathered in-situ primary mineralisation which provide immediate targets for early drill campaigns (Figure 5).

Given the above facts: that the Gargantuan Source is defined over a strike length of 9 kilometres, that it has given rise to artisanal gold workings equal in area to those arising from a 45 Moz gold deposit located in the same weathering and geological environment, that a 2 kilometre strike length portion of the Gargantuan Source has returned good gold intersections, and that the Project covers 40-50% of the interpreted extent of Gargantuan Source; Tajiri believes that acquisition of the Gargantuan Project would provide the Company with an excellent exploration opportunity.